Prices and payments

Prices of our activities are published in our description on our internet website. The prices are in swiss francs and per person.

Price changes and mistakes are possible at all time. The payment has to be made ahead of the activity. Without payment, no participation. People leaving early (e.g. before the end) an activity have no right for a refund. After reception of the registration form, we will be sending an invoice, which has to be paid within 10 days. With the payment the terms and conditions are accepted.

Conditions of participation and insurance

Participants have to inform Voyageur Outdoor Services Ltd about possible health issues prior to the activity. Negligence to do so could be dangerous for the participants. These informations will be confidential.

The staff instructions are to be followed. A good physical condition and level of fitness are expected, as well as respectful and friendly manners.

Participants have to provide enough personsal insurance covering accidents and illnesses.

We strongly recommend an annulation insurance.


Cancellation is possible and has to be done in written form. The point in time is the reception of the written form by Voyageur Outdoor Services Ltd. For cancellation less than 20 days prior of the activity (Exception are clearly communicated) the following part of the price is due:

20 to 15 days prior the activity: 50%

14 to 8 days prior the activity: 80%

7 to 0 days prior the activity: 100%

Exception: Trips and expeditions (Canada, Corsica…):

Please note the change of the payment conditions:

With cancellation until 90 days prior departure, 50% of the price is due.

90 to 0 days prior departure 100%. An annulation insurance is mandatory.

Execution decision and program modifications

Should Voyageur Outdoor Services Ltd. not be able to execute an activity, the whole payment will be refunded. We have the right to cancel a program for good reasons (ex. not enough participants, injury or illness of the staff). Rain is NOT a cancellation reason.

Voyageur Outdoor Services Ltd. has the right to make program modifications for safety reasons and for the well being of the participants as well as the staff. No money will be refunded and other claims are excluded.

Liability and indemnities

By nature Voyageur Outdoor Services Ltd. activities carry some risks with them. With the registration, the participants are aknowledging and confirming that they are conscious of these risks and that they have enough insurrance coverage. The participants are participating at their own risks. Indemnities and claim against Voyageur Outdoor Services ltd. and its staff are excluded.

Modifications of these regulations are possible and are the right of Voyageur Outdoor Services Ltd. The swiss laws are appliyng, the juridiction is Basel Stadt, Switzerland.

Image and sound right

It is agreed that all the rights for any kind of uses and publication of pictures, movies and soundtracks, made during an activity by participants and/ or staff and/ or given to Voyageur Outdoor Services Ltd, are free of rights of any kind. We are not bound to give these pictures, movies and soundtracks to the participants or to give the reference in the event of publishing.