• If it is raining?

The programm is taking place even by rain or snowfall. We live with and in the nature. So weather will not stop us. We will adapt our programm to the weather conditions

  • What does you logo mean?

The turtle is a longevity, endurance, strength and sustainability symbol. We wish these turtle qualities to apply for us. We want to design our program with these qualities. Like the turtle we go slowly through the landscape with our snowshoe, canoes or on foot.

For many first nations of north America, their land was a turtle shell (Turtle island). As we are using their techniques and knowledge, we want to honor and foster this heritage with our turtle symbol.

  • Why should I give a contact person? And who is best?

In an emergency, we are glad to have a phone number of a relative or close person we could inform. This number will not be used. It is important here not to give the number of your friend/ partner coming along with you on the trip.

  • Is there a refund with a medical certificate?

No. You will need a cancellation and refund insurance. This insurance will provide a refund in the case of an accident or illness. Be sure to have one.

  • How come You don’t have courses and Trips in the summer time?

Summer is also peak season for our partners. It is quite difficult during this time to have the logistics we need. On the summer week ends are a busy time on the river and lakes. We’d like to share a nature experience not mass tourism.

For these reasons the voyageur crew is working as guide with our partners in Elsass (Alsace Canoës) and on lake Lucerne (Kanuzentrum).

We are happy to see you again in september.

  • Can I take my kids along?

Yes, if they are able to do the activity. For instance on canoe trips they have to be able to swim and to want to paddle (from 7 when they are sitting in the middle of the canoe, or from 12 when they are paddling in the front). On snowshoe trips, they should be have a hiking experience and to want to snowshoe (endurance). On survival course, interest is needed as well as endurance. If your kids are motivated, they are wellcome.

  • Are you in the Familienpass programm?

No. We are not part of the programm

  • What about Avalanches?

Our trips in the black Forest are in a zone where there are no avalanches. There are 3 well known zones around the Feldberg. We are not close to these. There is no need for beacon, shovel or probe.