We are travelling using traditional techniques and knowledge: Positive impact, maps and compas, snowshoes, canoes and on foot. Although our gear is made of modern material and we are present on the internet, we feel as keeper of this knowledge. We take care of it and let it grow by sharing it with you. We want to be part of nature and not just another action company.

Philippe Heitz

Position: Owner and headguide
Training: Guide and instructor since 1995. Used to be a nurse in an other life. Working in the outdoor industry since 1987. Hiking guide, canoe guide and survival instructor. Wilderness first responder (WMA).
Loves: Japan and the black forest, apple pie and rice, canoe and snowshoe, sleveless T- shirts and sandals, bjj and pine trees, to make his own gear.

Michel Hemmerlé

Position: Guide
Training: Carpenter, Owner operator of Alsace canoës, in the canoe industry since 1991, canoe guide, runs all the Voyageur journeys and expeditions with Philippe.
Loves: birds and singing, water and boats, nature and people, to cook and to eat.

Clarisse Fehlmann

Position: Guide
Training: Horse riding guide, works outside on river banks with small and big machines, first aid training.
Loves: Lili and Creshy, dog and horse, nature as it is, clear and pristine.

Steffi Sutter

Position: Guide
Training: SAC mountain hiking guide, SAC summer mountaineering trip leader. Outdoor guide by Plano Alto, works in the outdoor industry since 2002. Several first aid trainings.
Loves: Jura cliffs, sun and snow, cooking on the open fire and sleeping in a hammoc.

Nicolas Heitz

Position: Creative Director, Digital Native
Training: The eye of the artist! Photographer and cinematographer.
Loves: Vintage und 2-Takter, Werkstatt und Natur, Bilder und Action.